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Employability/ Learning Performance Suite

At Empower Training and Consultancy Pte Ltd, we believe that continuous learning drives performance in every organisation, and also the business' bottom line. In the current business landscape, organisations are experiencing new disruptions and innovations.


The only sustainable advantage is human capital, and developing people's ability to learn, adapt, communicate and perform is increasingly on every leaders' agenda. We strongly encourage individuals and teams to continually develop their skills to learn and apply them purposefully in their organisations for lasting impact.

​Infographics for Impactful Presentation

Information graphics (infographics) is graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. Infographics present complex information in a prompt and clear format, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, survey, marketing collaterals and education. In a nutshell, infographics are an easy-to-read illustration that helps tell a story and makes data points easier to comprehend.

In this 1-day workshop, participants will learn what infographics is and its roles in communication. This course is designed for end-users with emphasis on data layout considerations and techniques with aesthetic design to create infographics that are easy to analyse and understand. Participants will also learn how to incorporate essential design components with effective formatting. Apart from using Microsoft PowerPoint and easy-to-use online software application, participants will learn how to use external resources to enhance the infographics.

Jumpstarting Your Learning Dexterity

​Are you feeling frustrated when you have attended a training or practice session that you just don’t seem to be able to fully grasp the skills taught and transfer that new learning into performance? Or you are unable to focus your efforts to achieve better results especially when the new topic/subject has a ‘steep learning curve’. 

Fret not! We have the right ingredients in this course that will jumpstart your learning dexterity with diagnostic methodologies and toolkits to overcome challenges in learning and optimize the learning transfer for superior and sustained performance. 

At the end of the workshop, you will learn how to prepare and equip yourself with the blended strategy and toolkit to increase learning dexterity. This will truly enable you to attain peak performance whether it is in the work or personal arenas.

Practical Learning Design Techniques

Do you sometimes feel that the presentations you deliver lack "oomph"? Or the courseware you have developed could have been better? Perhaps, you wish you could reach out more effectively to the millennials in your training sessions.  If that is how you are feeling, then this 2-day course is for you!

This course targets individuals who desire to create impact, enhance engagement and retention levels in training sessions or other settings through the design of effective training/presentation collateral and visual aid.

The Employability/ Learning Performance Suite also includes the following:

  • Futureproof Yourself With Creative Thinking Skills

  • Flex Your Leaning Muscles to Win

  • Write To Win

  • Emotional Intelligence for Better Work Performance

  • Thrive in a Diverse Workforce

  • And many more..

  • Customised or contextualised training

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