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Consultative Services
With more than a combined 150 years of work and professional experience amongst our team in numerous advising projects, we are confident in helping organisations growth hack their businesses to the next level.
At Empower Training and Consultancy Pte Ltd, we have a strong team with diverse backgrounds and experiences providing critical insights on how to transform key projects, processes, strategies, and in turn the organisation. We are proud to partner clients in overcoming their business transformation challenges by identifying opportunities for new growth and new value creation. 
Workshops, Training Programmes and Seminars

We organise workshops and seminars of key leading topics in learning, serving as a "listening post" for new and trending, innovative training methodologies and sharing them with organisations through workshops and seminars.

We are a strong advocate of Bite-Size, Just-In-Time workshops. The rationale of Bite-Size, Just-In-Time training lies in enhanced retention, recall, participation and learning outcomes. The time tested rule of 90/20/8 applies here, where a module can run about 90 minutes with changing pace every 20 minutes and involving participants actively every 8 minutes. As such, we aim to deliver memorable, versatile and involving Bite-Size, Just-In-Time workshops to ensure that participants get the maximum benefits for their time.

Great service delivery, exceptional service recovery, service focusing on the art of listening and communicating, communicating confidently with good service English, closing/upselling/cross selling successfully to a customer, are the core skills of any service professional.


We provide customisation and contextualisation for all our services training to suit each organisation, as we understand that no two businesses are alike.

Empower Training and Consultancy is here to partner organisations with newly promoted leaders requiring to phase into the new job, organisations facing transformation and have need for change management to cascade down the ladder,  or simply leaders looking to re-align their own roles.  

The Leadership Suite is designed to provide leaders with a common leadership language as well as key skills and tools to effectively manage and engage their team members.

We advocate a partnership model where managers partner their team members to achieve individual, team and organisational goals and objectives.   

In the current business landscape, organisations are experiencing new disruptions and innovations. The only sustainable advantage is human capital, and developing people's ability to learn, adapt, communicate and perform is increasingly on every leaders' agenda.


We strongly encourage individuals and teams to continually develop their skills to learn and apply purposefully in their organisations with lasting impact. 

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