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Below are Testimonials from our clients and past colleagues. 

Testimonials for Keith Sng


"... An excellent facilitator and instructional designer, Keith quickly grasped the intricacies of the business and support areas he covered – risk management, technology and operations, legal and compliance and marketing – and built foundational and advanced learning interventions to help accelerate business performance. As a senior member of the learning team at DBS Bank, Keith imparted exceptional mentoring and stewardship to a host of learning partners and programs with sustained impact for the bank. Notably, Keith was often called upon to develop and deliver manager and leader programs and was one of the most sought-after subject matter experts at the bank. When there was a need, Keith was always there to share and to go the extra mile for the customer and the team." Tom Pedersen, Founder and President at duXit

"I have worked closely with Keith over a period of several years. During that time I have had the pleasure to observe him delivering training programmes and also facilitate meetings and workshops. Keith always displays the highest degree of professionalism while engaging his audiences in an energising and refreshing way. His style enables him to connect with participants extremely well at a personal level and he is highly skilled at facilitating group discussions and team activities. All of this is reflected in the evaluations I have read of the programmes and workshops that Keith has delivered / facilitated. It has also been my privilege to co-deliver with Keith on a couple of occasions. This has included quite sophisticated "Train the Trainer" programmes. I found that to be a great experience and would be happy to do so again with Keith anywhere in the world." John Ferrier, Head of Talent Development & Organisation Development at The Linde Group

"I have the pleasure of working with Mr Keith Sng at HSBC Singapore. Keith is a good trainer and team player, full of passion for people and in everything he does. Keith's personality and dedication have made him a good trainer whose classes are always enjoyable. This is validated by anecdotal feedback from participants as well as consistently high ratings for his programmes." Jin-Hwui LEE, MBA, ACTA , CEI Achieving Business Objectives through People.

Testimonials for Johnson Wong


"I have worked with Johnson for close to a year. I have always respected his work ethic and natural ability to connect with colleagues at all levels across the organisation. Johnson has many innovative solutions for the clients to resolve their issues. He is very passionate in training of all aspect especially learning and development matters. Johnson is certainly someone who believes in "getting things done". He is a learning and performance professional with remarkable experience, definitely a go-to person for managing complicated HRD issues."  Andy Yeo, OJT Design and Development, Curriculum Development (Technical, Maintenance),  Competency Assessment, SMRT Corporation Ltd  

"Johnson is highly meticulous and calculated. He is earnest and patient to see his projects to fruitation." Lixia Liew, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications at Knight Frank Singapore

Testimonials for Lily Kow

"As part of New Shan Travel’s innovation plans that included training and refresher programs targeted to tool up our business unit managers and our supervisors.

We engaged with Ms. Lily Kow who was well reputed with the travel industry workforce and she created a training program spanning the last quarter of 2014 through into 2015 for New Shan Travel, starting with an icebreaker program Supervising Staff.

Lily not only crafted the long-term program for New Shan Travel, prior rolling out the Supervising Staff course proper, she engaged Senior Management to understand their intent and objectives as well as the participants to gauge their current level of exposure to such programs and their intended takeaways.

Feedback gathered post-training was very positive. Lily was found to be professional, knowledgeable in her chosen field and was able to deliver the subject matter at a level for all participants to benefit. One of the participants described Lily as constructive and approachable and could be confided with on matter of a confidential nature. Stage two of the program continues…” Allen Leng, General Manager, New Shan Travel

Testimonials for Stephanie Loo

"Stephanie Loo has been an associate trainer with SNEF for more than a decade. She is also a trainer of trainers, having taught the ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) programme, in particular modules CU3A Design and Develop Training and Assessment and the CU2 Apply Learning Principles and Code of Ethics Relating to Training where she demonstrated professionalism and dedication in grooming wannabe trainers and developers to become competent in their respective fields. She has a proven ability to frame difficult and complex concepts and contents into digestible and palatable chunks of information for her learners. Her participants can attest to her facilitation skills which has earned her consistently favourable feedback.                                                                                                                             

Not only does she train, Stephanie has also developed a number of training modules for us. As a curriculum developer, she designs activities and materials that are relevant and engaging for the learner. Her materials reflect an understanding of adult learning principles and instructional design methodologies. She also takes effort to conduct research in order to create effective curricula.  It has been a pleasure working with Stephanie. She has brought commitment, skills and versatility to the various aspects of work with us and we look forward to continuing this productive relationship. Stephen Yee, Assistant Executive Director and Senior Group Director, Training and Technology, Singapore National Employers Federation

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